S4 Object Storage

High Performance
Object Storage for AI/ML

NeevCloud is a high-performance, S3 compatible object store.
It is built for large scale AI/ML, data lake and database workloads.


Simplicity is the foundation for exascale data infrastructure - both technically and operationally. No other object store lets you go from download to production in less time.

High Performance

NeevCloud is the worlds fastest object store with published GETs/PUTs results that exceed 325 GiB/sec and 165 GiB/sec on 32 nodes of NVMe drives and a 100Gbe network.


Data transfer is automatically encrypted with HTTPS. You can make your files public or private or offer a Quick Share link that expires after a specified time.

Simple and all-in pricing for your best experience.

Start with a single bucket and scale, adding or removing buckets as needed.

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1TB Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

No Hidden Charges

Why you need Object Storage?

Object Storage is perfect for storing backups of your entire cloud instances, critical databases or even personal files.

Media Storage

Object Storage is perfect for storing large media files, as it allows individual files with up to 5TB each. Photos and video or audio files are the most common examples.

Storing Unstructured Data

People use Object Storage to store bulky unstructured data. Examples include log files, sensor data or files used in content delivery networks.

Create Your First Bucket

Create and configure your first bucket. Drag files to the bucket screen to upload them.

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