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The Smart Coolant



in hardware failure

Dense computing

Up to


Computational density

Improving data center efficiency

Achieve a



Leverage big savings.

Save up to


Here’s how VARUNA is better than air cooling

immersion cooling

Traditional air Cooling

Power density

50-80 kW

Scalable as per requirement

4-15 kW

Limited power per rack with low density

Space utilisation

30 kW per m2

More computing power in less space

5-10 kW per m2

Limited computing power in less space

Energy usage

⁢1.03 PUE

Dramatically less energy used for cooling

1.4-2.0 PUE

Required more energy for cooling


Space Utilisation

Energy Usage

Powered Immersion Cooling

50-80 kW

Scalable as Per Requirement

30 kW per m2

More computing power in less space

⁢1.03 PUE

Dramatically less energy used for cooling

Traditional Air Cooling

4-15 kW

Limited Power Per Rack With low Density

5-10 kW per m2

Limited computing power in less space

1.4-2.0 PUE

Required more energy for cooling

Get ultra-high density performance with Varuna.

The rising concept of data economy has made data the new oil. More the data, better is the accuracy. This has increased the pace of business operations and spiked the demand of hyperscale data centers. That’s where VARUNA comes into play. VARUNA helps in hyperscaling by:

High performance, sustainable solution, and competitive pricing

Simpler data center designs for scaling efficiently

Drop in overall operational expenses

Reduced PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) & WUE (Water Use Efficiency)


Savings in data center’s white spaces


of IT heat load cooled using liquid

Deploying liquid immersion technology improves the cooling which increases the density of computing hardware in any given space. This gradually boosts the overall processing power per unit area which is a big necessity these days. especially in supercomputing. This is where VARUNA can help you. by implementing VARUNA for supercomputing, you can:

Experience higher efficiency, better reliability, and improved performance of hardware

Reduce the cases of hardware fatigue and failure

Get a faster data processing with handy on-premises data center


Drop in cases of hardware failure

2-Way Power Supply

Reduces the energy consumption

The internet has paved a way for enterprises ranging from micro to large in reaching out to customers, and every enterprise needs a compact solution for storing their data. however, the lack of large spaces, proper infrastructure and expensiveness acts as major impediment. VARUNA saves them by:

Offering larger storage capacity in lesser space

Reduced noise levels as compared to large data centers

Customized pricing that can cater every segment

We live in the internet era, where a lag of seconds can cause catastrophic damage. This had led to an exponential increase in demand for high speed internet and data centers to be located at closer proximity for faster result processing. VARUNA’s handy and compact data centers can help in:

Generating faster results

Higher computing and seamless communication

Reducing the latency in data transmission


Higher CPU performance


IT capacity servers

Sustainability is cost efficiency

Cloud computing currently contributes to 2% of global carbon emissions. The use of high-powered GPUs in cloud workloads further intensifies this impact, escalating environmental damage as demands increase. We recognize this challenge and have taken it upon ourselves to address and mitigate these environmental implications.

Guess what, we did it!

We’re taking a big step towards net zero. We are giving India a commercial edge that doesn’t come at the expense of the environment.

NeevCloud is proud to be 100% carbon neutral. Before diving into AI, we took a significant step to tackle one of the fundamental challenges in data centers – heat generation. This led to the development of VARUNA, our innovative liquid immersion cooling system.