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At Neevcloud, our vision is to empower technology companies in India by providing revolutionary solutions tailored for the Indian market. We are dedicated to fostering AI innovation and driving breakthroughs through our advanced cloud infrastructure.

Trust Neevcloud to redefine innovation and maximise the power of the cloud for your AI development needs.

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NeevCloud’s Infrastructure

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Fueling Innovation with Thoughtfully Designed Infrastructure for Clients' Compute Scale and Diversity Needs.

On-Demand GPU Scaling
At Your Fingertips

GPU Compute

Choose from the Widest Range of Highly Configurable and Reliable NVIDIA GPUs.

  • Available on demand and scale
Embrace the Versatility
of CPU Compute

CPU Compute

Scale Your Non-GPU Workloads with Massive CPU-Only Instance Capabilities.

  • Intel Xeon and AMD Epyc
  • Scale in seconds
Boost Flexibility with
Container Deployments


Achieve Bare-Metal Performance without Infrastructure Overhead with Fully Managed Kubernetes.

  • Spin-up new instances in seconds
  • Responsive auto-scaling across GPUs
Need to deploy in Virtual

Virtual Instance

Hassle-Free Deployment and Management of Virtual Servers with NVIDIA GPU Acceleration and CPU-Only Power.

  • All versions of Linux, and Windows
  • Out-of-the-box desktop streaming
Fed up with Rigid

Storage S4

Distributed and fault-tolerant storage with triple replication, managed separately from compute ensures reliability and scalability.

  • Easily resize volumes and scale capacity
  • IOPS and throughput optimized
Say Goodbye to Network


Streamline Horizontal Scaling with Network Fabric Incorporating Routing, Switching, Firewalling, and Load-Balancing.

  • Built to power HPC workloads with ease
  • Scale to 100Gbps+

Where power, efficieny and sustainability meet.


Instant access to cloud
GPUs at the best prices

Save over 73% vs AWS, GCP, and Azure

Get the latest NVIDIA GPUs for the best prices on the market.

Pay-by-the-second billing

Only pay when your instance is running.

Simple, transparent pricing

No hidden fees like data egress or ingress.

Scale Up

Spin up a variety of GPU instance types, on-demand


Access GPUs like NVIDIA H100, A100, and RTX A6000 on-demand.

Multi-GPU instances

Launch instances with 1x, 2x, 4x, or 8x GPUs.

Automate your workflow

Programmatically spin up instances with Neev Cloud API.

Hands-on Support

Free 100% human support, 24/7/365 support you can actually talk to.

A direct line to the NeevCloud team

Where we can communicate from our engineering team.

Onboarding calls

Where we can communicate and pull in actual people.

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