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Train models, deploy Generative AI, and tackle HPC tasks
with Neevcloud's AI SuperClusters featuring HGX H100 with 3200 Gbps Infiniband.

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Featuring fourth-generation Tensor Cores, Transformer Engine with FP8 precision and second-generation Multi-Instance GPU technology.

3200 Gbps

3200 Gbps NDR InfiniBand fabric provides extremely high throughput, low latency and RDMA, allowing for the absolute fastest data transfers between compute nodes and storage.

Non-Blocking InfiniBand

Non-Blocking allows for every input to be forwarded to an output simultaneously without any blocking or delays. This enables higher throughput and lower latency.

NeevCloud's GPU Brigade

Nvidia H100

An Order-of-Magnitude Leap for Accelerated Computing.

Nvidia A40

The World’s Most Powerful GPU for Visual Computing.

Nvidia A30

AI Inference and Mainstream Compute for Every Enterprise.

Nvidia L4

The breakthrough universal accelerator for efficient video, AI, and graphics.

Nvidia V100

Most advanced GPU to accelerate AI, high performance computing, and graphics.

Nvidia RTX 8000

Experience unbeatable performance, power, and memory.

Limitless access to AI SuperCloud.

Fully-integrated clusters optimized for the most challenging AI workloads.


  • 8xH100 SXM
  • 640GB GPU Memory
  • 2TB DDR4 RAM
  • 200 vCPUs
  • 32TB NVMe Storage
Monthly Payment Model
GPU Model vCPUs Memory Storage Per Hour Price
Nvidia A40 16 100 GiB 750 GiB $1.16
32 200 GiB 1500 GiB $2.32
64 400 GiB 3000 GiB $4.64
Nvidia A30 16 90 GiB 640 GiB $1.08
32 90 GiB 640 GiB $1.50
32 180 GiB 1280 GiB $2.17
64 180 GiB 1280 GiB $3.01
64 360 GiB 2560 GiB $4.33
Nvidia L4 25 110 GiB 250 GiB $0.60
50 220 GiB 250 GiB $1.20
100 440 GiB 250 GiB $2.41
200 880 GiB 250 GiB $4.81
Nvidia V100 8 120 GiB 900 GiB $1.20
16 240 GiB 1800 GiB $1.93
32 480 GiB 3600 GiB $4.81
Nvidia RTX 8000 16 115 GiB 900 GiB $0.87
32 230 GiB 1800 GiB $1.73
64 460 GiB 3600 GiB $3.47
AI Software Installed
Pre-configured for machine learning

Start training your models immediately with pre-configured software, shared storage, and networking for deep learning. All you have to do is choose your GPU nodes and CPU nodes.

Neevcloud's Premium Support for Cloud Clusters includes PyTorch, TensorFlow, CUDA, cudNN, Keras and Jupyter. Kubernetes is not included.

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You can expect a lead time of 4 months from the date of placing your order.

There are no additional fees associated with the deployment of H100 GPUs.

Currently, we do not offer free trials or demos for service assessment.

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