Unlock Ultimate Computational Power, Reserve Nvidia H100s AI SuperCluster for $1.69/hr. Click to Know More.

AI SuperCluster

AI SuperClusters featuring NVIDIA H100
for $1.69 at lowest
pricing in the world.

  • 8xH100 SXM
  • 640GB GPU Memory
  • 2TB DDR4 RAM
  • 200 vCPUs
  • 32TB NVMe Storage
  • 3200GBPs InfiniBand

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Unmatched Performance

AI SuperClusters provide the ultimate performance boost for your AI and HPC endeavors, fueled by NVIDIA's H100 GPUs.

Scalable Efficiency

AI SuperClusters offer effortless scalability through NVMe links, ensuring ultra-fast data transfer speeds and low latency.

Optimized Cost

AI SuperClusters are designed to democratize AI and HPC, providing the world's lowest pricing of $1.69/hGPU/hr.

Innovation at Unmatched Value

Fully-integrated clusters optimized for the most challenging AI workloads.


  • 8xH100 SXM
  • 640GB GPU Memory
  • 2TB DDR4 RAM
  • 200 vCPUs
  • 32TB NVMe Storage
  • 3200GBPs InfiniBand
Why AI SuperCluster
Key Benefits

57% Savings on AI Superclusters

Unlock significant cost savings and accelerate your ML with our AI superclusters, offering long-term cost-effectiveness and unmatched performance compared to GPU instances.

24*7*365 best in class support

Never let technical issues interrupt your ML process with our unparalleled 24/7/365 best-in-class support, ensuring continuous availability, proactive problem-solving, and rapid resolution.

Plug and Play

Experience rapid deployment, simplified management, operations, and reduced downtime with our plug-and-play AI SuperCluster, empowering you to focus on innovation from the start.

Hardware Replacement

Safeguard your business-critical data and prevent costly downtime with proactive hardware replacement, ensuring the integrity and availability of your valuable information.

InfiniBand for distributed training

InfiniBand delivers exceptional performance, scalability, and manageability, making it ideal for interconnection of our AI superclusters. Its low latency, high throughput, and support for multiple memory areas enable superclusters to handle the demanding workloads of modern AI and HPC applications.

Early access to latest GPU

Unlock the future of AI. Neevcloud’s AI superclusters not only provide unmatched performance and scalability but also early access to the latest GPUs that helps you to stay ahead of the competition.

NeevCloud's AI SuperCluster Featuring Nvidia H100 SXM5 is designed for large-scale HPC and AI workload.

7x better efficiency in high-performance computing (HPC) applications,
up to 9x faster AI training on the largest models and up to 30x faster AI inference.

Tensor Core

Leveraging the parallel processing capabilities of GPUs and the mixed-precision arithmetic of Tensor Cores, AI researchers and developers can achieve significant improvements in training speed and model performance.

High Memory Capacity

NVIDIA GPUs equipped with Tensor Cores offer large memory capacities, which is important for handling large datasets and complex models without running into memory limitations.

Hardware Supported

Tensor Cores are dedicated hardware units, ensuring that the acceleration they provide is consistent and predictable across a variety of AI and compute workloads.

AI Software Installed
Pre-configured for machine learning

Start training your models immediately with pre-configured software, shared storage, and networking for deep learning. All you have to do is choose your GPU nodes and CPU nodes.

Neevcloud's Premium Support for Cloud Clusters includes PyTorch, TensorFlow, CUDA, cudNN, Keras and Jupyter. Kubernetes is not included.

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You can expect a lead time of 4 months from the date of placing your order.

There are no additional fees associated with the deployment of H100 GPUs.

Currently, we do not offer free trials or demos for service assessment.