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GPU Dedicated Cloud Clusters On Demand

Fully-integrated clusters optimized for the most challenging AI workloads.

GPU Compute with H100

GPU Compute with A100

GPU Compute with A40

GPU Compute with A30

GPU Compute with L4

GPU Compute with V100

GPU Compute with RTX 8000

Basic Purpose VMs

Basic Avatars have the most efficient CPU usage at a lower cost for workloads that underuse dedicated threads. They’re ideal for bursty applications that can handle variable levels of CPU.

General Purpose VMs

General Purpose Avatars have a balanced ratio of memory to dedicated CPU, suitable for a wide variety of production workloads. They’re best for general purpose workloads that require dedicated computer power.

CPU-Optimized VMs

CPU-Optimized Avatars provide a 2:1 ratio of memory to CPU. This configuration is optimal for applications that demand fast, consistent performance from dedicated vCPUs, but are not so memory-intensive that they require.

Memory-Optimized VMs

Memory-optimized Avatars provide 8GB RAM for each vCPU. The additional memory can help you avoid excessively swapping to disk or getting out-of-memory errors, both of which significantly impact your...

Storage-Optimized VMs

Storage-Optimized Avatars use NVMe (non-volatile memory express), which is an interface protocol explicitly built for modern SSDs. It takes advantage of parallelism to deliver disk performance that can be order of...

Windows Cloud Instances

Use Microsoft Windows Server 2016/2019 on NeevCloud for your Windows Server workloads. NeevCloud Windows Cloud has pre-configured security settings, networking and has excellent price-performance ratio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! KYC (Know Your Customer) is a regulatory requirement that helps businesses and organizations verify the identity and background of their customers or clients.

As per the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) KYC guidelines and certain regulations, the Aadhaar card is considered a valid document for the KYC process.

Trust is the foundation of Neev Cloud’s commitment to serve our customers. We strive hard to make the Internet a safe place by only collecting data necessary to serve our customers. We want our customers to have a smooth experience.

Neev Cloud only collects self-reported data. It is data you voluntarily provide so we can provide our service such as email address, provided name, and billing information. This also includes customer-provided user preferences and the information in support tickets. We also receive data from third parties about you and collect data when you interact with our service. This data may include things like browser type, internet protocol (IP) addresses, referring/exit pages, internet service provider (ISP), operating system, landing page, and referring URL date/time stamp, clickstream data. More information about data we collect can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Neev Cloud does not store the complete payment card number ourselves. We use a third-party payment processor for your debit or credit card payment methods. This third-party processor stores and maintains your complete payment information on our behalf.

Data that gets collected have different uses to provide the best user experience possible. This data helps us to continuously improve our services and market new products for your benefit. Neev Cloud is committed to providing low-cost world-class value to our customers, these data collection practices with your privacy in mind.

None of our employees have access to the content unless you give us permission for support. Only in case of an active abuse or fraud investigation or where access is necessary to comply with a valid legal process, we will access the data.

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